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You may not have heard of Michael Hyatt, but he is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World is a guide through the treacherous waters of building an online platform – a stage to share your message.
The book has five parts and a total of 60 chapters, but don’t let that scare you.  Each chapter is short and has a specific focus.
The five parts include:
  1. Start with WOW – what’s your message
  2. Prepare to Launch – what are your goals
  3. Build Your Home Base – how to set up your blog or site
  4. Expand Your Reach – build that email list and social networking ideas
  5. Engage Your Tribe – share, comment and monetizing your message
This book drills down into the nuts and bolts to help make a successful platform builder.  Michael shares the good, bad and ugly of platform building. He also reminds us of one critical thought – our platforms are not built overnight rather but over many nights of diligent, hard work. Michael’s advice is not a get quick rich scheme.  This is a systematic approach to building a lasting brand, your sustainable brand.

What message is in you that you want, or rather, need to share with the world?

Here are a few highlights of what you will learn and can instantly apply from this book:
  • Learn the one web platform that is the best for blogs or platform-building
  • Learn how to create engaging content that your readers want to read
  • Learn why the headline is so important
  • Get a photoshoot! Learn how a bad headshot could hurt your brand more than you realize.
  • Policies are good to have to keep a level playing field.
  • Identify when the best time to monetize your platform is.
  • Give, give, give, and then make the ask!
  • Learn why it is essential to have goals for your platform, and don’t forget to write them down.
Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy Way can help you learn to get your message out to a broader audience while teaching how to grow.  If you aren’t quite sure what your message is but want to learn more than this book is for you.
Michael has been where you are.  He started blogging while he was the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and had a busy family life.  There is no doubt that it is a juggling act, but we must answer a vital question – is it worth it?  Only you can answer this question.

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